Our Mission

Redness. Infections. Irritation. These are some of the problems you may have encountered when using disposable pads. Their irritating synthetics and chemical gels have made your periods unbearable. Luckily, BamPads! reusable pads are there for your comfort as well as the comfort for another in need and for the environment.

What are reusable pads and why should I make a switch?

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Reusable cloth pads are made out of many different fabrics to make them ultra absorbent, chemical-free and super sustainable for the environment as well!

How? Well, it takes 500-800 years for one disposable pad to decompose. Each woman uses 14,000 to 18,000 pads in her lifetime! Shocking isn’t it? But with BamPads! reusable pads, you would only need 6-8 pads per year or two! Thus, making the switch to reusable pads will not only benefit your health , but will also sustain the environment!

Our Founder

  • Sakshi Vasudev, Founder of BamPads!, decided to start up a business selling reusable pads, because with rising global warming, our world desperately needs a change.
  • In addition to that, a movie “Pad Man” inspired her to contribute to the wellbeing of women and girls in developing countries, who do not have access to affordable sanitary products and instead would use dirty materials for their periods.
  • Moreover, young girls would miss 20% of their schooling just because of such problems. With this thought in mind, Sakshi decided to start up this business not only to help the environment, but also the communities of women who cannot afford basic, clean sanitary products.
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